Pilotweed: forage, biomass (biofuel)


The perfoliate pilotweed is a crop for multipurpose economical use. It is grown for forage feed, silage and herbal meal. The green mass of this plant is a valuable raw material for the procurement of the vitamin herbal meal which is not worse than legumes meal because of the low content of cellulose and the big quantity of vitamins. Herbal meal is valuable forage for all animals, especially for poultry. The pilotweed is also recommended for feeding rabbits and nutrias. Its green mass is willingly consumed by cows, sheep, pigs and other animals even non-ground. Some authors remark that animals should be made to eat some feeds at the beginning of the feeding period.

The pilotweed intensively blossoms during the second half of summer within four or five decades and attracts a big quantity of bees. The remontant type of blossoming makes it possible to use this crop as a good melliferous herb. A pilotweed flower intensively emits nectar all the natural day long. The honey yield can be 150 kg/ha.

The highest effect of the pilotweed growing is obtained if complex approach is involved. But, first of all, the perfoliate pilotweed is a good crop for forage and silage. The chemical composition of the different kinds of forage made of this plant is of a high feeding value. The pilotweed protein is full value and easily digested by animals. The considerable amount of albumins and globulins representing the readily soluble and easily digested fractions of the protein makes the pilotweed green mass become valuable forage. The quantity of the protein is not inferior too much to the one of traditional legumes. The crop is saturated with ash elements, vitamins, microelements. So, the pilotweed has the same feeding characteristics as well-spread valuable legumes and their mixtures. They revealed 17 amino acids in its protein, all the irreplaceable ones included.

The dry mass of the pilotweed has enough ash elements: about 2% of calcium and up to 0,8% of phosphorus. The content of vitamins is also high. The content of ascorbic acid in the leaf of the plant is twice more than in its stems: 31 up to 33 mg%. During the period of blossoming, the maximum content of carotene in the stems makes 30 up to 60 mg% and from 50 up to 100 mg% in the leaf. The big amount of feeding units is characteristic for the stage of fruiting (from 0,20 up to 0,22 kg per 1 kg of the green mass), but during this period the content of the protein is decreased up to 7%.

The pilotweed is a high aftergrass crop that’s why it is possible to mow it twice or three times within one vegetation period during the favorable years while ensuring good water supply. But if the summer is dry, it is not advisable to mow aftergrass in order to avoid the weakening of the plants. The data concerning the crop capacity of the green mass of the perfoliate pilotweed given in the Table for different agro-climatic zones indicate the considerable cultigen natural habitat of its growing, some wide ecological plasticity and the big potential of this crop.


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