Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour, earth apple): powder

Jerusalem artichoke: powder

The fine-dispersed powder of the Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour, earth apple) tubers has all the properties of a basic raw material. Being a concentrate, it has a high biological activity.

The powder is produced out of the tubers of a strictly determined sort that has been selected as a result of many years’ investigations from the collection containing more than 50 sorts.

The high quality of the raw material (tubers) is assured by the technology of growing without the use of any chemical substances and the location of growing. The location of growing is the steppe zone of Ukraine where the combination of natural factors is favorable for the accumulation of biologically valuable active substances in the tubers. So, the content of inulin in the earth-apple tubers of the sort “N” is 3 - 3,5 times higher than the average world level indicated in the materials of the international conferences. This high content of inulin is recorded only in one more location of our planet - in Argentine.

The healing effect of the Jerusalem artichoke powder is conditioned by the high content of inulin nature polysaccharides, pectic substances, vitamins of the Group B, vitamin C, major trace elements (silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, nickel, phosphorus etc.). The form of these substances is a biogenic one, i.e. it is the best one for digestion. The powder also contains the most essential irreplaceable amino acids.

The chemical composition of the powder is:

  • Inulin nature polysaccharides: 72% up to 77 %;
  • Proteins: 7% up to 7,2 %;
  • Cellulose: 10 %;
  • Pectic substances: 1,1 %.

The powder is a phytopreparation and has immunity stimulating, sugar reducing, radiation protecting, gene anti-mutating and detoxicating properties.

The realized medico-biological and clinical tests showed the following pharmacological effect:

  • The powder has a sugar reducing property for the pancreatic diabetes of the 1st and 2nd types because of the high content of inulin and other polysaccharides. The sick people suffering from the 2nd type pancreatic diabetes succeed in compensating the disease by means of the double or triple decrease of the dose of sugar reducing chemical preparations or on the basis of their total refuse from such preparations. The sick people suffering from the 1st type pancreatic diabetes are brought into a table remission on the basis of a complex therapy with the essential reduction of the insulin dose.
  • The powder mobilizes the internal reserves of the whole organism and, first of all, the immunity system which participates in maintaining the homeostasis.
  • The stimulation of the non-specific immunity apart, the powder intensifies the specific immunity and reinforces the immunity memory by heightening the functional activity of the thymus and T- and B-lymphocytes. Thus, it contributes to the increase of resistance and the normalization of the physiological functions of the organs and tissues in case of a pathology.
  • The powder decreases the symptoms of the vegetative dysfunctions, abolishes the asthenic syndrome of the patients suffering from vegetative vascular dystonia, contributes to the normalization of the tone of the small and medium vessels and normalizes the indices of the function of the cardiovascular system.
  • Some positive effect was recorded with the patients suffering from the disorder of the hepatobiliary system. The hepaprotective anti-inflammatory effect of the powder is mainly based on the normalization of the function of the immunity system and, first of all, of liver macrophages and natural T-killers.
  • The application of the powder by the persons, who have undergone the effects of the gene mutation factors of radioactive or chemical nature, shows statistically reliable reduction the medium group and individual frequency of metaphases with the aberrations of chromosomes after long and systematic use of the preparation. In addition to that, they recorded the reliable reduction of chromosome aberrations, i.e. of the markers of radioactive influence. The data received make it possible to make the conclusion concerning the gene anti-mutating and radiation protecting effects of the powder made of earth-apple tubers and to recommend it as a part of the diet to the persons living in environmentally adverse regions and to the ones working in enterprises with the high load of gene mutation factors of radioactive or chemical nature.

The powder was tested by the following medical institutions:

  • Kiev State University of Medicine;
  • Ukrainian scientific and practical center for endocrine surgery and transplantation of endocrine organs;
  • Kiev Academy of Post-Graduate Studies;
  • Kiev’s Region Endocrine Dispensary;
  • Clinical base of Kiev University of Medicine – Medical Association of the district Pechersky (Hospital No 2);
  • Ukrainian Center for Vegetative Vascular Dysfunctions – Children’s Clinical Hospital;
  • Tocology and Gynecology Department of the University of Medicine – the 3rd Maternity Hospital.


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