Jerusalem artichoke (topinambur, earth apple)

Jerusalem artichoke

“Malva” farming enterprise has been operating in Ivanovsky rayon of Odessa region since 1994. Cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke and production of therapeutical preventive food additive “Dar” are main types of its activity. Today we own the biggest industrial plantation in Ukraine. We cultivate only the “Interes” sort of Jerusalem artichoke chosen from the collection of more than 50 sorts due to its containing the highest quantity of insulin in its tubers and to its biggest efficiency. The farm is located in the ecologically clean rayon of Odessa region; chemical fertilizers and protective means are not used in the production process. Raw tubers of Jerusalem artichoke are used for food and as forage for livestock. Processing tubers into fructose and glucose syrup, chips, coffee drinks, spirits is also possible. Tubers concentrate (powder) is good to enrich the products with insulin and trace elements; it can be added to bakery products, macaroni foods, tea and coffee drinks, cooked meats, etc. According to ТУ 15.8 22503701-001-2004 Health Protection Ministry of Ukraine made a conclusion concerning this concentrate. Green mass of Jerusalem artichoke gets pressed and can be pelleted for feeding livestock. It can be also used for producing cardboard and biofuel.

Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour, earth apple) – Helianthus tubersrosus L belongs to the Asteraceae family, originates from North America. Its name can be translated from Latin as “tubersriferous sunflower”.

There is an Indian tribe in North America called topinambu (or topinambo) after the name of the unique plant that gave them food and health. This plant was brought to Europe at the beginning of 17th century; topinambour or Jerusalem artichoke are its common names. Perhaps the latter name appeared because of the fact that in Holland and Belgium it was boiled in wine with butter attempting to reach the flavor of artichoke. People say that in France they added a small quantity of Jerusalem artichoke spirits to the best quality cognacs. During World War II many farming families survived through hunger times only thanks to cultivating Jerusalem artichoke for the reason that it is very unpretentious, high-yield and extremely rich for healthy trace elements, carbohydrates and amino acids.

In XVII century Jerusalem artichoke was already well-known in Russia as a medical plant and was used as food a bit later. Jerusalem artichoke is valuable for containing inulin polysaccharide in its tubers and it is interesting to know that its quantity fluctuates depending on the sort. In some sorts this content amounts to about 9%; in the climatic conditions of Ivanovsky rayon of Odessa region in the tubers of Interes sort of Jerusalem artichoke inulin content reaches as much as 17%. There is only one more place on the planet where the inulin content in the tubers is such high. This place is sort probationary plots of land in Argentina.

Due to containing pectines, cellulose, organic acids and a complex of vitamins Jerusalem artichoke binds many toxins, heavy metals, salts including radioactive elements and assists removing them from the organism.

Jerusalem artichoke and its derivatives stabilize sugar level, metabolism, stabilize cholesterol level, remove radionuclides, assist tissues regeneration, normalize bowels microflora and improve immunity.

Iron wise Jerusalem artichoke considerably excels other tuber crops (carrot, potato, turnip, beet and others). Jerusalem artichoke tubers contain potassium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, sodium, fluorine, chromium and other minerals (more information at other pages of our site). Jerusalem artichoke contains cellulose, pectin, organic acids, fat, protein and essential amino acids. Tubers of Jerusalem artichoke also contain vitamins: B1, B2, B6, C, PP, carotinoids. There are 60-70 mg of carotene in 1 kilogram of Jerusalem artichoke and such essential amino acids as arginine, valine, lysine, leucine and others.


Новые возможности для наших партнеров

Рецептура и технология производства продуктов с концентратом клубней топинамбура для кондитерского, хлебобулочного, консервного производства может быть разработана совместно с Одесской Национальной Академией Пищевых Технологий. Ведущие специалисты Академии выразили заинтересованность в разработке совместных проектов с нашим предприятием и нашими партнерами-клиентами, которые хотели бы получить профессиональную рекомендацию в области применения нашего порошка из клубней топинамбура.

Новое предложение – топинамбур для магазинов и супермаркетов.

Свежий, мытый, отборный (калиброванный) топинамбур пищевого сорта. Фасовка под заказ. Мешки, ящики, кульки. Период поставки с 20 октября по 1 апреля. Согласно РСТ УССР 1995-89.

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TOPINAMBUR Aktiv Megamax Kautabletten...

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Jerusalem artichoke